Association of artist - Bulgaria, Montana

Behchet Sally Danadja from Shoumen

was born on the August 6, 1971 in the village of Yasenkovo. He is a teacher of visual arts at the Professional High School of Chemical Technologies and design in the town of Novi Pazar.

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He is the author of the monument of Tsar Samuil in the district of Razgrad and of the bishop Simeon in Shoumen as well as of a relief portrait of Yordan Gospodinov - the first history teacher who had investigated the Second Bulgarian capital city Veliki Preslav.

1990 - he finished the High School of a stone working - Kunino, subject "Art Processing of the Stone".

1999 - graduation at "Bishop Konstantin Preslavski" university - Shoumen, subject "Pedagogic of Fine Arts". He had specialized sculpture.

Personal exhibitions:

1993 - Shoumen (drawings)

1996 - Shoumen (small plastic arts)

1997 - Istanbul (small plastic arts and drawings)

1999 - Varna ("Bulcolor" competitive exhibition - sculpture)

2001 - Shoumen (painting)

2004 - Shoumen (ceramic plastic arts and drawings)

Group exhibition - nine exhibitions - in Shoumen, in Edirne (Turkey), in Razgrad, in Targovishte, in Sofia.

Bechet Danadja had participated in the International Sculpture Biennial "The Madara's Horseman" in Shoumen.