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Filip Fidanovski from Republic of Macedonia

was born on November 27, 1977 in Skopje.

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He is a part-time professor of ceramics at the Department of Sculpture in the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University in Scopje and external cooperator of the Department of Education at the Museum of Macedonia.

He is member of Fine Art Artists Society in Troyan - Bulgaria, of the Art Colony for RAKU techniques, Plemenitash - Croatia, and honorary member of the Ceramics Society in Croatia. Mr. Fidanovski is a founder of the ISKON Society of Ceramics of Macedonia.

1996 - he finished the "Lazar Licenoski" School for Fine Arts - Scopje, subject "Ceramic".

2002 - graduation at "Nikolai Pavlovich" National Academy of Art- Sofia, subject "Ceramic".

2004 - Masters Degree in the Department of Ceramics at "Nikolai Pavlovich" National Academy of Art- Sofia.

Solo Exhibitions:

2002 - Window Museum - Skopje, Scopje Summer Festival 2002 .

2004 - Tocka Cultural Center - Scopje, Three Faces Multi Media Project .

2004 - Connecting National Art Gallery "Cifte Amam Skopje" - exhibition with prof. Krasimir Dzidrov - Bulgaria, and - Vesna Osoinichki - Croatia .

Filip Fidanovski took part in a lot of group exhibitions in Scopje - Macedonia, Belgrade - Yugoslavia, Cairo - Egypt, Liez - Belgium, Varazdin - Croatia and in the ceramics colonies in Resen - Macedonia, Troyan - Bulgaria, Belgrade and Uzice - Yugoslavia, Plemenitash and Varazdin - Croatia.

Prizes - 2000 - third prize at the Fifth International Ceramics Biennial - Cairo, Egypt .