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"Since 11 to 77" - plein-air of painted ceramic

The plein-air for painted ceramic in Montana after its 10-th edition is already international. Emilian Popescu from Romania and Philip Fidanovski from Macedonia are the first of foreign participants. You will acquaint with them and Bulgarian artists through this catalogue. It presents the authors and two of their works. The rest of them you could see in the exhibitions that are going to be open on November 18, 2004 in seven Bulgarian cities - Burgas, Veliki Preslav, Vidin, Dobrich, Smolyan, Kazanlak. Our ambition is to show the selected art works from the plein-air "Since 11 to 77" in Sofia and Skopie in the next year. We believe that this will be a step the plein-air to become the prestigious scene for artistic realization.

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Let remember the background of the plein-air for painted ceramic. In deed the painted ceramic has not rich tradition in this region. Only in the town of Berkovitsa (23 km far away from Montana) the craft of pottery is very popular as a traditional art craft. Dispite of this fact, the presence of a company for producing glazed tiles had inspired the idea of local visual artists to ask for partnership by organizing such an event. The joint-stock company "Ceramic Invest" highly estimates the creativity of this initiative. The positive image effect for the firm is another essential reason for the decision of the executive manager of "Ceramic Invest" to give support to the plein-air. The production capacities of the company shorten the duration of the technological process about 25 times and give the opportunity for creation of many art works for limited time. Because of that the plein-air for painted ceramic has became a traditional and attractive event.

Seven visual artists from different Bulgarian cities (including 3 presenters of hosts) have been participated for the first time in the plein-air. There are 3 basic criteria for selection: the level of the creative achievements; gender and age. The first of them is traditional. The reasons for next 2 criteria are connected with some trends. Women usually hardly succeed in the sphere of visual arts. In order to overcome particularly this negative trend in the frame of the plein-air, 60% from the participants are women. The generation's problems are typical for the art society too. Because of that the plein-air meets artists from different generations - famous authors and young beginners. The wish for creative experiments with the painted ceramic unites them. They can compare their points of view with an approach of tolerance and to overcome problems between generations. Eleven of art works will be arranged at a suitable open air space in Montana. So the works created during the plein-air will contribute for aesthetic appearance of the urban surroundings. The eleventh edition of the plein-air will be in the next year. We hope it will be more successful. In order to be informed, look at the new web site of the project.http://www.tenec.hit.bg.

Dimitar Gotsak - organizer plein-air

ղ plein-air of painted ceramic

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Visual artists from 10 cities in 4 countries took part in the Plein-air of Painted Ceramic Montana 2006. Artists from Macedonia, Serbia and Romania showed interest in this traditional creative meeting, which is very popular in Bulgarian art circles. Juliana Geshoska from Skopje, Cristian Dinca from Craiova, Katarina and Olga Georgevich from Nish took part in the event, organized by the Association of the Visual Artist "Tenets" in Montana. Cristian Dinca and Katarina Georgevich are established artists with serious creative biographies.

Cristian Dinca is 39 year old Romanian teacher in ceramic in the Lyceum of Arts "Marin Soresku".

Katarina Georgevich is Professor and Chef of Fine Arts in the Faculty of Arts in Nish.

Juliana Geshoska graduated 'Painting and Fashion Design" in 1990 in Skopje. She is studying for a Masters degree in Multimedia Art at the University of Pristina now.Olga Georgevich is a 21 old student in the Faculty of Visual Art in Nish.

Among the participants in this year's issue of the Plenary was Mrs. Joanna Kemileva the Secretary of the "Ceramic" section in the Union of Bulgarian Artist Sofia.

Guests ot the Association "Tenets" were Daniela Dimitrova from Vlado Trichkov, Emiliya Varbanova from Vratsa, Maria Yonkova from Troyan, Ognyan Boyanov from Lom, Ruska Martinova from Berkovitsa.

The local visual artist Viktoria Todorova, Dimitar Gotsak, Dimitar Iliev, Doncho Planinski, Ivan Doganov, Reni Petrova, Siana Milanova, Svetlana Tsvetkova, Krum Bankov and Dimitar Minkov.

The youngest participants were Bella Antonova (17 years), who is studying ceramic in Italy and Simeon Dimitrov (13 years), who is student in the School of Applied Arts "Saint Luca" in Sofia.

Dimitar Gotsak - organizer plein-air

ղI plein-air of painted ceramic

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The International Symposium of painted ceramic took place in Montana between the 16th and the 29th of July 2007. Twenty visual artists were from five Bulgarian towns, from Zagreb (Croatia), Bucharest and Craiova (Romania), participated in 13th edition of this event. The symposium was organized by the Association of the visual artists "Tenets". The event was supported by Municipality of Montana and joint-stock company "Ceramic Invest". There were renowned names among the participants, such as Joanna Kemileva - the secretary of section "Ceramics" of the Union of Bulgarian Artists - Sofia, Nelly Pusheva - member of the Control Commission of the Union of Bulgarian Artists - Sofia, Tsvetan Donkovski from Troyan, and Nikolai Penkov from Montana. The young emerging authors Dimitra Jounkova, Ralitsa Chavdarova, Bella Antonova and Simeon Dimitrov participated along with these experienced and established artists. Mr. Hanibal Salvaro, the distinguished author from Croatia, also took part in the symposium.

The symposium finished with an art exhibition. The opening ceremony was on the 29th of July in the exhibition hall "Kutlovitsa" at 64 Treti Mart Boulevard in Montana.

Dimitar Gotsak - organizer plein-air

ղV plein-air of painted ceramic

14 th edition of The International plein-air of painted ceramic brought together over 20 artists from Bulgaria, Portugal and Turkey from June 30 to July 16 2008. The Exhibition of works, made by artist during the plein-air, was opened on July 16 in The Exposition hall "Kutlovitsa" in Montana.

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Among the participants are the famous authors like - Georgi Chapkanov - Chapa, Nasko Nastev, Svilen Blazhev-Svika, professor Francisco Laranjo, a rector of FBAUP in Porto, Portugal and professor of painting, Emilia Emileva, who works and lives in The Iberian Peninsula and young artist - Kamuran Ak from The Anatolia University and Canan Ak from The Kocatepe University in Afyon- Turkey.

Miroslava Markova form Sofia, Emilia Varbanova from Vratsa, Daniela Dimitrova from Vlado Trichkov and Valentin Gerassimov from Berkovitsa also participated in the plein-air. Local representatives were - Dimitar Gotsak, Dimitar Dimitrov, Doncho Planinski, Nikolay Penkov, Dr. Krum Bankov, Reni Petrova, Siyana Milanova and Teodosi Antonov. The youmngest participant is Simeon Dimitrov - student in the High Art School of Applied Arts - "St. Luka" Sofia, Bulgaria. Dr. Dimitar Minkov and Bella Antonova (a student in Italian college of ceramics) also participated in the plein-air for short time.

As part of the plein-air were visits to Chiprovtsi, Chiprovtsi Monastery, Lopushanski Monastery, The Gallery, The Museum and churches in Montana and Berkovitsa, meetings with culture workers from District of Montana. Also they visited a opening of an exhibition of prof. Galilei Simeonov in Belogradchik.

The Culture Center in Nis, Serbia brought together over 80 works made by 49 artists , participated in all editions of The Plein-airs.

The Municipality of Montana and Ceramic Invest Ltd supported the plein-air. They provided for participants materials and good atmosphere.

There are applications for participations for next editions.

Doncho Planinski - The President of The Association of artists, organized the plein-air, together with Reni Petrova, Siyana Milanova, Valentin Gerasimov and Chavdar Antov.

Dimitar Gotsak - organizer plein-air