Association of artist - Bulgaria, Montana

Tanya Zhekova Bahaturova from Bourgas

was born on December 17, 1977 in Moscow, Russian.

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1996 - she finished "St. St. Cyrill and Methodius" High School - Bourgas, subject "Visual Art".

2001 - graduation at "Nikolai Pavlovich" National Academy of Art- Sofia, subject "Silicate Forms".


    1996 - group exhibition - Bourgas.

    2001 - group exhibition - Sofia, gallery of UBA in one of the halls of 6 Shipka Str.

    2002 - solo exhibition (painting), Edesheim, Germany.

    2004 - solo exhibition (painting), Lek, Germany.


    2002 - plin-air of wood-plastic - the village of Barsiya, district of Montana.

    2003 - plin-air of drawning - Bourgas.

Tanya Bahaturova had participated in all the group exhibitions of the Group of Visual Artists - Bourgas.