Association of artist - Bulgaria, Montana

Vessela Atanasova Stamenova from Smolyan

was born on March 19, 1963 in Sofia. She works in the field of black and white drawing, aquarelle and plastic arts.

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1982 - she finished High School of Applied Arts - Sofia, subject "Children Toys".

1995 - graduation at "Nikolai Pavlovich" national art academy- Sofia, masters degree of subject "Design of Children's environment".

Personal Exhibitions:

1999 - "P. Staikov" gallery, Smolyan

2002 - Balabanov's House, Plovdiv

Group exhibitions - in Sofia, Smolyan, Pernik

Plеin - airs:

1999 г. - Chuodnite Mostove (The Lovely Bridges) in the Rhodopa Mountains.